Kansas Residency for Tuition Purposes

The determination of residency for tuition purposes affects whether a student pays resident or non-resident tuition.  Nonresident tuition is a higher hourly tuition rate.

Classification as a resident of Kansas for tuition purposes is governed by Kansas state law and regulations, not university policy. Residency for other purposes, or at a Kansas community college, is governed by different laws and regulations. A person can be a resident for any other purpose and NOT be a resident for tuition purposes at a state university. The information below provides a general overview and key issues related to residency. It does NOT replace or supersede the residency statutes or regulations which contain the detailed requirements that must be met in order to prove resident status.

  • You must have continuous physical residency in Kansas for at least 365 days prior to the first day of classes for which you are applying for residency. You must also be a permanent resident or U.S. citizen.
  • During those 365 days, your sources of financial support to meet your living expenses must come from Kansas sources. Living expenses include tuition and books if you are student. Sources of income that are from full-time, non-student jobs are more beneficial. Maintaining ties to other states will hinder your residency.
  • You must show intent to remain in Kansas indefinitely. This intent is exhibited by actions taken, not simply by a statement of intent. Many factors are evaluated in a residency review and can strengthen an application. These factors may include, but are not limited to: Kansas driver's license, voter registration in Kansas, car registration in Kansas, owning a home in Kansas, etc. No factor shall be considered in support of a claim for resident status unless the factor has existed for at least one year before enrollment or reenrollment. Please note: these factors do not make you a resident by themselves.
  • You must prove that you are residing in Kansas for reasons other than educational purposes. If you have been enrolled full-time since coming to Kansas, this can be very difficult to prove because we will presume that you are here for educational purposes.

Eligible Veterans and Active Duty Military

Please email residency@wichita.edu or call (316) 978-3672 to confirm if you are currently classified at 九色堂 as a Resident for tuition purposes.  Students who have had a military household often need to submit a military residency application. Please email residency@wichita.edu for more information regarding this form.

Kansas Board of Regents Residency Rules and Regulations regarding military Personnel and Veterans can be viewed at: 


Residency Exceptions and Waiver Programs

Some individuals who are not residents for fee purposes may qualify for in-state tuition rates based on special 九色堂 programs or exceptions allowed by Kansas law.

Indigenous American students who are members of eligible tribal nations are now eligible for residency status.

Visit residency FAQs, forms and wichita.edu/waivers for more information.